Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology

Departmental History: Zoology as a subject, in this college, was introduced in the year 2002 and the department was thus established as one of the main pillars of science block ,with its affiliation with the university of Kashmir in 2005. Professor HS Bali served as the first head of the department. Since then the department has been served by eminent personalities like Professor Shamime Ahmed, Professor BA Masoodi, Professor Hai,Professor Rehmatullah Shah and Professor Dilgeer Mehdi.



Facilities Available:

Physical structure of the department comprises of an office, a well enriched museum, a store for housing dissection materials and a well-equipped laboratory . The department avails the facilities of smart classroom, library, conference hall and the edusat for its students.T he department provides, to its students, guidance and opportunity to carryout scientific investigation in biological science and natural history. It provides an opportunity to the young and curious minds to peep into the marvellous world of biodiversity and helps them to appreciate nature for a meaningful coexistence.


Number of students enrolled in the current session 2017

Class No. of students
B.Sc 1stSem 155
B.Sc 2ndSem 142
B.Sc 3rd Sem Sem —-
B.Sc IV Sem year 138
B.Sc 3rd Year rd year 29




Dr.Gazala Yousuf

Asst. Professor
M.Sc., Phd.

Mr. Showkat Ahmad Najar

Asst. Professor

Mr.Mohsin Ali

Asst. Professor