Department of Education

Department of Education

Departmental History: Establishment: The department of education is one of the foremost departments functioning in the collegesince its establishment in 1985.Education has been a subject of interest among the students taking admission in the college,the result of the fact is that the student enrolment has enhanced rapidly and at present 1343 students are enrolled in the department pursuing bachelors degree course in the subject.Facilities available to the students in the department including live classes on EDUSAT, Library equipped with good books tutorials classes and many general facilities provided by college.


Number of students enrolled:

1st semester:411 (

2nd semester:405

3rd semester:…..

4th semester:469

3rd year: 58

Total Number of students: 1343 </fontsize>





Mr. Mohmad Ayoub Wani

Assistant Professor
M.A, M.Ed, NET

Mr. Fayaz Ahmad Kumar

Contractual Lecturer
M.A, M.Ed., NET

Mr. FMehraj-ud-din shah

Contractual Lecturer
M.A, M.Ed, NET