Department of Home Science

Department of Home Science

Departmental History: Department of Home Science aims at overcoming underdevelopment and empowering individuals for societal excellence. Home Science discipline integrates the application of knowledge synthesized from different sciences to improve human ecology. Human Development, Clothing and Textiles, Community resource management, Extension Education, Foods & Nutrition are the five branches of Home Science. Food Science & Technology is an associated applied off shoot of the discipline of Home Science. Main aim of setting up of this department is to familiarize the students about both foundations and advances in human development, study of behaviour, organization and management of early childhood care and welfare institutions. The department equips the students with skills to pursue research and extend their knowledge to the community through seminars/workshops/conferences, field visits and extension activities


Number of students enrolled:

1st semester:36 (

2nd semester:–

3rd semester:–

4th semester:——

3rd year: —

Total Number of students: — </fontsize>





Dr.Sabahat Rafiq

Contractual Lecturer
Ph.D, B.Ed